"رحم الله من تعلم و علم." -مثل عربي

"I had a great time, received excellent teaching, and learned a lot.  It is a friendly place and one I would highly recommend." -James Copnall, BBC Correspondant



"The entire staff is excellent and makes students feel warmly welcomed.  The facility is wonderful and better than I could have dreamed of.  It's great to be able to live with other students." -Chris L., Limoges, France



“The instruction was great.  With the TA’s around, there was always someone to help and they always encouraged us to speak in Arabic.  I would really like to come back. . . You are all doing an amazing job with everything, especially the small details.  I would recommend the school to anyone who wanted to come to Morocco.  I look forward to making it back here!”  -K. Reilly, Washington DC



“Warm atmosphere, excellent teachers, complete facilities to help students to learn and situated in the Capital of Morocco.  Can’t ask for more!”  -S. M., Lausanne Switzerland

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About Qalam Center

Qalam wa Lawh is an academic institution with a reputation for excellence in providing a comprehensive program for the study of Arabic as a foreign Language as well as introductions to Arab and Moroccan culture. The quality of Qalam Center Arabic courses are further supported by its partnership with Moulay Ismail University, Meknes Morocco.  Qalam wa Lawh is the only institution in Morocco solely dedicated to teaching Arabic as a foreign language. Arabic courses taught at Qalam wa Lawh emphasize building a solid foundation in communication skills and are designed to ensure learners are confident using the language that they are being taught. 

In 2009, Qalam Center hosted more than 700 students hailing from the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, Korea, France, Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Holland, South Africa, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Turkey, Romania, Russia, the Ukraine, and many other countries. IMG_6352.JPG
Qalam Center has been honored to accept students from distinguished Universities around the world as well as students employed by the US Embassy in Morocco, the Canadian Embassy of Morocco, the British Embassy of Morocco, the Moroccan Ministry of Tourism, the United Nations, BBC, the US Armed Services and the US State Department. IMG_6365.JPG
Our state of the Art facility is located in just 10 minutes from downtown Rabat, in the upscale neighborhood of Souissi. Complete with a library, language labs, and large comfortable classrooms, Qalam Center is the ideal place to study.View more photos of our facility and classrooms.



Each classroom is led by an experienced and enthusiastic Native speaking Arabic teacher. Our teachers all hold advanced degrees in Arabic literature, Law, or Applied Linguistics. Some of our instructors are also former Fulbright scholars who had the opportunity to experience teaching Arabic at American universities during a Fulbright exchange. Some have held positions as Professors of Arabic at distinguished Moroccan Universities. Read the credentials of our year round, full time Arabic teachers.


Courses at Qalam wa Lawh are accredited by Brookhaven College, a fully accredited, comprehensive American community college. accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (

rabatlogo.jpg Qalam wa Lawh is part of the Sprachcaffe family of schools, with a traditional in excellence in foreign language teaching since 1988.

amcham We are an institutional member of the American Chamber of Commerce of Morocco.


Special Programs: in partnership with the Japanese International Cooperation Agency, Qalam Center provides pre-program 6 week intensive courses in Moroccan dialect for JICA volunteers.
koica Special Programs: in partnership with the Korean International Cooperation Agency, Qalam Center provides pre-program 6 week intensive courses in Moroccan dialect for KOICA volunteers.

macece_logo.JPG Special Programs: Qalam wa Lawh Center was honored to administer the 2008 Arabic intensive to Fulbright-Hayes grantees in collaboration with the Moroccan American Commission on Cultural Exchange.


Qalam wa Lawh is a proud institutional member of, The American Association of Teachers of Arabic.


Our Curricular Department head is also a member of the American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages.

carte qalam wa lawh.jpg Al Qalam means the pen in Arabic. Al Lawh means the tablet. In the Arab world, the reed pen and tablet represent the traditional instruments of teaching which existed long before the modern pen and paper became commonplace. They call to mind a time when great scholars traveled throughout the world seeking knowledge of cultures, languages, histories and religions completely foreign to themselves.

At Qalam wa Lawh Center we embrace tradition and the belief that language and knowledge are unifying forces which can be actively used to promote peace and co-existence. According to the most famous Arab in history, the Prophet Muhammed, "He who travels in the search of knowledge, to him God shows the way of Paradise."

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