"العلم نور و الجهل عار." -مثل عربي

Cultural Programs: Exploring Morocco 

The chance to experience the rich diversity of Moroccan cities is one of the most rewarding aspects of studying Arabic in Morocco.  From Qalam wa Lawh’s central location in the Moroccan capital, all the major sites of the country are within easy reach.  And without even leaving Rabat, there are amazing things to see.



Course Excursions:  Every course taken at Qalam Center includes two weekly excursions to Rabat’s most famous historic and cultural sites.  These excursions are an integral part of our curriculum and include handouts with relevant vocabulary as well as informative summaries about the sites.  Students are accompanied on these excursions by Arabic instructors, and the excursions are conducted in Arabic in order to further the student’s experience of immersion.  For more information about the sites we visit in our course excursion visit our Course Excursion Page. 


Academic Clubs & Activities: Qalam Center Arabic instructors each maintain a cultural club, which is open to all students and takes place after class hours.  These clubs are yet another opportunity for students to use their emerging language skills, improve their oral skills, and become accustomed to comprehending the Arabic language in context.  These clubs meet either weekly, bi-weekly or on a monthly basis.  Clubs are free to join.  For more information on the various clubs that our instructors have organized visit our Academic Clubs and Activities page.


Lectures & Events: As another opportunity to educate our students about the culture, history, religion, and lifestyle of the Arab world, Qalam wa Lawh regularly organizes guest lectures, round table discussions, Musical presentations, and special events.  For more information about these programs, visit our Lectures & Events page.


Weekend Excursions: As an opportunity for students to visit some of the world famous cities and spectacular sites so near to Rabat, Qalam wa Lawh organizes very affordable weekend trips exclusively for our students.  For information about these trips and the places we visit, go to our Weekend Excursions page.

About Morocco

The Kingdom of Morocco is the westernmost country in North Africa.  The population of 33.2 million is estimated to be 99.9% Muslim.  Its ethnic make-up is predominantly Arab and Berber.  The official language is Arabic.

Moroccans speak a dialect of Arabic called “Darija.” French is also widely spoken, specifically in large cities and business settings.

Morocco is a beautiful country with a rich history and diverse culture.  Its modern area has been inhabited since Neolithic times.  The original inhabitants of the land are called the Amizigh people or more commonly, the Berbers.  The Amizigh are a mountain people famous for their fierce independence.

At one time, Morocco was incorporated as a part of the Roman Empire.  Reflective of this, there are impressive ruins at Volubilus, just one half hour’s drive from Rabat.

By the 7th century CE (1st century Hijri) the Islamic Empire began to expand into Moroccan territory.  It took about a century for the complete assimilation of the country.

Morocco reached the height of its splendor during the Al-Andalus period.  During that time, fantastic centers of learning and religious monuments were established throughout the country; most significantly, the Kairouine Masjid in Fes, one of the oldest universities in the world.

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